What is Auckland Climate Festival

Auckland Climate Festival is an open platform for climate leaders to engage with communities, the private sector, government, youth and Māori across the Tāmaki region as a coordinated response to the climate emergency.

Running for the first time this year, Aucklanders will engage in climate action through attending a diverse range of events, initiatives and activations taking place all across the region.

Our kaupapa

Tāmaki and its communities care deeply about the environment and its relationship and connection to our wellbeing. Aucklanders are are increasingly aware of the urgent need for climate action and a coordinated “whole of society response”. Te Tāruke-ā-Tāwhiri: Auckland's Climate Plan is the document that begins to provide direction on how Tāmaki Makaurau can respond. 

Auckland Climate Festival was created to bring these actors and organisations together to enhance collaboration, harness collective energy and build climate action at an individual and societal level.

Climate change is a systemic challenge requiring all sectors and disciplines to work more closely together to develop and scale-up innovative solutions at pace. We also acknowledge that a just transition to a net zero future must embrace diversity and difference. 

Auckland is a global city where its citizens are connected through heritage and experience with many different cultures and other geographies, with strong ties particularly to the Asia Pacific. Auckland Climate Festival aspires to combine local and global perspectives to deliver impact and outcomes that are felt beyond Auckland, as it evolves over the coming years.

Auckland Climate Festival is collaborative and inclusive, ambitious, and solutions focused. It is intended to enhance citizen engagement around climate action and instil a message of hope, drawing on diversity of our region as we unify around addressing climate change.

All voices are welcome, but we do not encourage events that benefit from the sponsorship or direct financial support of businesses, organisations or groups that are antagonistic to the need for climate action and a net-zero future. Likewise, we expect organisers to embrace the rich vibrancy and diversity of Tāmaki and its communities, and ensure climate action brings people together, emphasising climate justice, humanity and a just transition. We encourage organisations to consider their long-term legacy as we endeavour to track climate action over time.

About Six Generations

The festival organisers

Six Generations Ltd is an impact-led social enterprise established to drive meaningful climate action by curating information and conversation in new and creative ways.

The notion of thinking seven generations ahead when making decisions about how we shape society has been the guiding principle of many cultures around the world for centuries. At Six Generations Ltd we deeply care about the future of the people and places of Aotearoa.

We consider ourselves part of today’s generation of innovators, strategists and activators - everyday people with deep convictions to play our part in making change. We know the next decade is crucial for climate action and we are committed to doing what we can to ensure the six generations that come after us can have a prosperous future.

We are excited to be launching Auckland Climate Festival 2021 for the first time this year. We are committed to ensuring this will be the first of many, leaving a lasting legacy for Tāmaki.

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